Family Doctors’ Lobby Lifts Opposition to Assisted Suicide

A doctor holds up a drug testing kit which is used as part of assisted suicides

One of the nation’s largest doctors’ lobbies has retracted its opposition to assisted suicide.

Delegates from the American Academy of Family Physicians, which represents more than 130,000 doctors nationwide, voted to change the group’s stance to “engaged neutrality” on the question of whether physicians should be able to prescribe lethal medications to patients. The resolution was reached at the organization’s Congress of Delegates held last week in New Orleans. AAFP president Michael Munger said in a statement posted to the group’s website that the resolution was designed to help doctors care for their patients.

Gerawan Farm Workers Shed Union

After a five-year delay a California agency has given farm workers permission to cut ties with their labor union.

Employees at Gerawan Farming voted overwhelmingly to split with United Farm Workers in 2013 only to see the ballot box locked up by the California Agricultural Labor Board (ALRB). The agency, however, refused to tally those votes until state appellate court ordered they be revealed. The ALRB decided to affirm the vote after counting the ballots—workers voted 1,098 to 197 to leave the unions—saying that the unlawful actions alleged by the union did not affect the results.