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Bill McMorris is senior editor for the Washington Free Beacon. He joins the Beacon from the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, where he was managing editor of Old Dominion Watchdog. He was a 2010 Robert Novak Fellow with the Phillips Foundation, where he studied state pension shortfalls. His work has been featured on CNN, Fox News, The Economist, Colbert Report, and numerous print publications and radio stations. He lives in Alexandria, Va, with his wife and three daughters. His Twitter handle is @FBillMcMorris. His email address is

Woke Springs Infernal

Review: So Many Ways to Lose: The Amazin' True Story of the New York Mets—the Best Worst Team in Sports

April 4, 2021

Biden Opens Term With 'Dubious' Purge at Labor Arbiter

White House fires two labor prosecutors months before terms expire in 'unprecedented' step

January 21, 2021

Biden Fires Labor Arbiter In 'Unprecedented' First Move

Ousted NLRB official: 'The abrupt manner in which this is being done will cause unnecessary interference'

January 20, 2021
Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center Strikes Deal to Pay Orchestra

Culture org attempted to cut pay after receiving $25 million bailout

April 7, 2020
Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center Axes National Symphony Orchestra Staff After Receiving $25 Million in Stimulus Funds

Staff laid off days after musicians were informed bailout wouldn't cover their paychecks

March 31, 2020

Kennedy Center Tells Musicians It Will Stop Paying Them Hours After $25 Million Bailout Is Signed

National Symphony Orchestra will stop receiving paychecks on April 3

March 28, 2020

Twitter Attaches Warning to Trump Campaign's Pro-Life Video

Montage of babies receives same label as violent and sexual content

January 24, 2020

Update: Buttigieg Supports Opening Clinic Linked to Former Employee of Disgraced Abortionist

Thousands of baby remains found in South Bend abortion doc's home

September 16, 2019