Heritage Foundation

YouTube Removes Video of Doctor Questioning Transgenderism

YouTube and the conservative Heritage Foundation are butting heads after the Google-owned video streaming site removed a video in which a leading doctor questioned the medical community's acceptance of transgenderism. YouTube claimed some of the doctor's statements violated a new policy against hate speech.

Poll: 2020 Voters Concerned About Immigration, Economy

Majority of Republican voters believe undocumented migrants overuse social services

A new poll conducted by Heritage Action found that voters in battleground congressional districts care most about candidates' positions on immigration, health care, and abortion as they consider whom they will vote for in 2020.

Rubio Outlines Pro-Work Conservatism

Address at Heritage gives details of worker-focused anti-poverty policy

Sen. Marco RubioWork and family must be at the center of conservative anti-poverty policy, Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) argued in a Thursday speech.