The Force of Fans and Fabric

DETROIT—”Please refrain from trying to wear any of the artworks,” the docent tells me as I enter “Star Wars™ and the Power of the Costume,” on view at the Detroit Institute of Art until Sept. 30.

It’s a reasonable request: Even though “Star Wars” resides in one of the most prestigious galleries in the United States, this isn’t really an art exhibition. It’s a nerd-out—$24 for an hour with the industrial lights and magic of Lucasfilm’s costume designers. Who among the droves of children and twenty-somethings here today isn’t tempted to try on a couple outfits?

A Pro-Life President

“Choose life, your mommy did.”

It’s an old bumper sticker, but I catch sight of it as I’m rushing into the May 22 11th annual Campaign for Life Gala hosted by the Susan B. Anthony List and featuring President Donald Trump as its keynote speaker. I’m late, inappropriately seersuckered, and cloaked in the smell of old tobacco. It has also been raining all day.