Charles Fain Lehman

Ohio Rep. Wants to Use Fentanyl for State Executions

Rep. Wiggam believes use of fentanyl would be 'less violent' and 'more humane' than alternatives

As his state struggles to find the drugs required for lethal injection, an Ohio lawmaker wants to use fentanyl seized by the police to execute the state's death row inmates.

CBD Might Be More Popular Than Weed

Survey shows how little-regulated drug has taken off in past year

More Americans use products infused with cannabidiol (CBD) than use marijuana or other illegal drugs, according to a Gallup poll. CBD, one of marijuana's active ingredients, has risen swiftly in prominence despite a lack of scientific understanding or careful regulation of the substance.

Teen Motherhood Hits All-Time Low

Pew report explores causes of teen pregnancy decline

The teen birth rate has been cut in half since 2008, but the causes behind plummeting teenage pregnancies could also extend into adulthood and contribute to a demographic crisis.

The Drug Crisis Is Now Urban, CDC Says

Urban counties surpass rural counties for rates of drug overdose death

Although popular coverage tends to identify the drug crisis with rural America, a report released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control indicates that urban areas now have higher rates of overdose deaths.