Charles Fain Lehman

While Democrats Argue Barrett Will Kill Obamacare, Legal Experts Are Skeptical

ACB won't doom ACA, conservative commentators argue

Supreme Court justice nominee Judge Amy Coney BarrettDemocrats zeroed in on the Affordable Care Act in the first day of hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett, arguing that her confirmation would mean Obamacare's swift defeat when the Supreme Court hears a case on its constitutionality next month. But conservative legal experts say Barrett is unlikely to invalidate the law.

Billionaire Population-Control Advocate Funds Premier Environmental Group

Fred Stanback gives millions to Trump-foil Southern Environmental Law Center, population control outfits

The Southern Environmental Law Center, a public interest law firm and leading opponent of the Trump administration's efforts to revise environmental regulations, is a major beneficiary of one of America's most prolific supporters of abortion, sterilization, and other tools of population control.