Charles Fain Lehman

San Fran. Progressive Prosecutor’s Reforms Lead to Hit-and-Run Deaths

Boudin's policy changes left killer of two on the streets

Chesa BoudinThe hit-and-run killing of two San Francisco women on New Year's Eve has ignited new criticism of District Attorney Chesa Boudin (D.), the hard-charging reformer and former Hugo Chávez aide whose über-progressive policies allowed the killer, a drunk driver and serial criminal, to walk free.

Joe Biden’s Death Knell for the Death Penalty

President-elect's promised end to executions a win for liberal billionaires

President-Elect Biden Delivers Statement After Electoral College Vote CertificationMichael Dukakis sank his 1988 campaign for the White House with a single question at the second presidential debate: If his wife were raped and murdered, would he support executing her killer? The Democratic nominee's jumbled answer, defending opposition even to that death, is considered one of the factors that led to George H.W. Bush's eventual landslide victory that November.

Biden Taps Liberal Billionaire’s Acolyte for Top Econ. Job

Incoming Biden adviser's last project said capitalism 'fundamentally broken'

President-Elect Biden Announces Climate And Energy AppointmentsPresident-elect Joe Biden announced Monday that he will appoint Joelle Gamble, who previously worked as a principal at the social-change investment firm funded by liberal billionaire Pierre Omidyar, as a top economic adviser.