Free Beacon Charles Fain Lehman

Charles Fain Lehman is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a contributing editor at City Journal. He was previously a staff writer with the Washington Free Beacon.

The Bidenomics Brief

REVIEW: ‘Ours Was the Shining Future’ by David Leonhardt

December 3, 2023

Who Pays for Reparations?

How America's changing demographic reality makes reparations a non-starter

October 19, 2023

Black America's Anti-Semitism Problem

An academic paper explores the character and sources of black anti-Semitism

December 21, 2022

Coming to America

REVIEW: ‘The Culture Transplant’ by Garett Jones

December 11, 2022

The Invisible Crisis

REVIEW: ‘Men Without Work: Post-Pandemic Edition’ by Nicholas Eberstadt

October 16, 2022

The Arnaz Paradox

REVIEW: ‘Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America’

August 21, 2022

The Broken Windows Election

What the recall of Chesa Boudin means for the public safety debate

June 8, 2022

Yes, the Media Bury the Race of Murderers—If They're Not White

Free Beacon analysis shows how homicide coverage downplays the race of minority offenders

April 14, 2022