Charles Fain Lehman

Review: ‘The Manipulators’ by Peter Hasson

FacebookIf there is one word to describe The Manipulators, the excellent new book from Daily Caller editor Peter J. Hasson, it must be "outrageous." That is not to say that Hasson's work—staid and thoroughly researched—is outrageous, but that the story he tells should leave any sensible reader, conservative or otherwise, outraged.

How Democrats Stalled Out at Their Starting Line Caucus

Iowa, Explained

Iowa CaucusIn the wake of its tumultuous, violence-wracked 1968 convention, the Democratic party promised a series of reforms to make their nominating process more open and inclusive. In 1972, Iowa became the first state to hold a Democratic caucus. The Republicans followed suit in 1976, and for the past half-century, the Hawkeye state has every four years played home to the first-in-the-nation contest.