Gavin Newsom Taps Trans Activist Who Threatened To 'Slap' Conservatives for Anti-Hate Group

Bamby Salcedo (Twitter).
February 2, 2024

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s appointee to an anti-hate commission appears to be an expert on the issue, though perhaps not in the way the Democrat would like.

Bamby Salcedo, a transgender rights activist who serves on California's Commission on the State of Hate, threatened in social media posts to "slap" panelists at an event on transgender issues, referring to one participant as a "confused unhappy bitch." Salcedo, the founder of a group called the TransLatin@ Coalition, has lashed out on social media at "f— face conservatives" and "MAGA morons."

Those remarks are at odds with the mission of the Commission on the State of Hate, which aims to "stop hate and promote mutual respect." Newsom signed the commission into law in 2022, appointing Salcedo as vice chair. The nine-member commission is tasked with researching "hate activity" in California and hosting events to raise awareness on the issue.

It’s the latest example of a government anti-hate initiative harboring activists who themselves promote hate. The White House tapped the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) last year for its initiative to fight anti-Semitism. CAIR has links to Hamas, and its director recently said he was "happy" that Hamas attacked Israel. Members of anti-hate crimes task forces in Massachusetts and Maryland have promoted anti-Semitic views in the wake of the Hamas attack. Talbert Swan, a member of the Massachusetts hate crimes task force, has said that "whiteness is an unrelenting, demonic, force of evil."

Newsom, a rising star in the Democratic Party, met with CAIR leaders in December, weeks after revelations that their leader cheered the Hamas attacks. And Newsom’s office has awarded millions of dollars in anti-terrorism grants to mosques and Islamic groups that have defended Hamas and called for the destruction of Israel.

Salcedo has also had access to the Biden administration. Salcedo has visited the Biden White House at least four times, according to White House visitor logs, and attended a roundtable event with then-Biden adviser Susan Rice in July 2021. Salcedo spoke at a Justice Department "United Against Hate" event in Los Angeles in December 2022.

Salcedo’s social media accounts show deep disdain for conservatives and critics of the transgender rights movement. Salcedo berated "f— face conservatives" and musician Kid Rock—a "f— p— face"—after they criticized Bud Light for an ad campaign last year with transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney.

Salcedo accused Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, who is black, of being racist because he opposes affirmative action. In 2018, Salcedo proposed using "radical" means to ensure Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh "does not ever make it inside the building after he gets confirmed."

But Salcedo has had especially harsh words for feminists who critique the transgender movement. In 2019, Salcedo lashed out at panelists at a Heritage Foundation panel on transgender issues.

"If I would run into any of these MFs, I would slap them!" Salcedo wrote.

Salcedo called Hacsi Horvath, a former transgender movement activist, a "f— bitch" and "confused unhappy bitch." Horvath underwent the detransitioning process and has spoken out against the practice of transitioning, especially for children.

Salcedo and Newsom’s office did not respond to requests for comment.