CNN Anchor: Biden Is the 'Quintessential Centrist'

January 16, 2019

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan referred to former Vice President Joe Biden as the "quintessential centrist" in the 2020 Democratic primary on Wednesday, should he decide to run.

Analyzing the entrance of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D., N.Y.) into what could be the most crowded Democratic primary field in history, Bolduan wondered what "lane" she might occupy with other candidates like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) and Biden in the mix. Warren has formed a presidential exploratory committee, while Biden has been mulling a run publicly for months.

"Elizabeth Warren is to the far left. If Joe Biden gets in, he's kind of the quintessential centrist, if you will," she said. "Where does Kirsten Gillibrand fit into this?"

CNN writer Chris Cillizza said Gillibrand had weak name I.D. compared to Biden, Warren and former Rep. Beto O'Rourke (D., Texas) and she would try to distinguish herself by playing up being a mother and a strong voice for women.

It is unclear what positions Biden has held in his lengthy career that would lend to him being defined as a "centrist," except perhaps compared to the far-left tilt of the new batch of potential Democratic Party challengers for the nomination.

Biden leads national polling among Democrats and enjoys popularity within the party following two terms as Barack Obama's vice president, and Politico refers to him as a "mainstream liberal."

Renowned for his ability to be in touch with the white working-class voters who helped elect President Donald Trump, he is socially liberal and supports higher taxes on the rich, gun control, and labor unions. The left-leaning New York magazine did pen an article in July questioning where "centrist Democrats" will turn if Biden doesn't run.