Barack Obama

American Birds Retaliate for Obama-Era Killing Spree

Revenge of the birds

Obama's primary goal as president — apart from transforming America into a radical hellscape of feral bureaucrats chanting in "woke" tongues and breaking into preschools and daycare centers to replace all the story-time books with Korans — was to kill or maim as many majestic flying creatures (especially bald eagles) as the ruthless war machines under his command would allow. Now that this genocidal maniac is out of office, America's birds have finally mustered up the courage to fight back

Biden Refuses to Apologize to Protesters for Deportations

Then says he would apologize if 'you were engaged in a misdemeanor and/or your family was separated'

At a campaign event in New Hampshire Friday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden was confronted by protesters who demanded he apologize for deportations of illegal immigrants during the Obama administration. Biden stood firm in refusing to disavow deportations as a tool of immigration enforcement.

SCARE QUOTES: The Most Relatable President Ever

Review: 'How To Think Like Obama' by Daniel Smith

What do Steve Jobs, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Leonardo da Vinci, Stephen Hawking, and Sigmund Freud have in common? For starters, they have all earned the right to be mentioned in the same breath as Barack Obama in a discussion about history's greatest thinkers.

McConnell: I Share Obama’s Position on Reparations

'We both oppose reparations, and we both are the descendants of slaveholders'

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Tuesday he and former President Barack Obama had the same position on reparations: Both descendants of slaveholders, they also both opposed the notion of reparations.

CNN Host Mocks Biden’s Constant Invocation of Obama

'Why can't you be your own man?'

Biden has repeatedly invoked Obama's name, sometimes referring to him casually as "Barack" and "my buddy," as he seeks the 2020 presidential nomination. CNN ran a montage of recent examples, leading Inside Politics host John King to wonder if Biden was laying it on too thick.

FLASHBACK: Obama Launched His Political Career Through Gerrymandering

Former president now 'tired of politicians manipulating maps' for political gain

Former president Barack Obama took to Twitter on Monday to decry "politicians manipulating maps" for political gain, but a look back to his early days in Illinois shows he used his redistricting power as a state senator to launch his political career.

Obama-Holder Group Dealt Blow with SCOTUS Gerrymandering Decision

Ruling says federal courts must stay out of state gerrymandering challenges

The Court ruled 5-4 on Thursday that federal courts must stay out of partisan gerrymandering cases involving state-drawn congressional maps. The decision was a major setback for groups such as the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC).