Barack Obama

Brzezinski Slams Obama’s Inexperience

'Did he really govern or just pass executive orders?'

MSNBC's Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday took a few shots at former president Barack Obama during her defense of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Obamas Strike Blow for Economic Justice, Donate Millions in Exchange for Massive Beachfront Estate

Former president conquers 'wealth anxiety'

Celebrity authors Barack and Michelle Obama are striking a blow for social, economic, and climate justice, vowing to donate an undisclosed eight-figure sum to Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck in exchange for his massive beachfront estate on Martha's Vineyard, the luxury island vacation spot popular with Northeastern elites, boat-shoed bon vivants, and other rich freaks who use "summer" as a verb and donate to Pete Buttigieg.

Chris Cuomo Criticizes Trump for Not Aging Enough

Says president should 'care more,' 'sleep less'

CNN host Chris Cuomo's Tuesday closing monologue on Cuomo Prime Time criticized President Donald Trump for not aging enough in office and urged Trump to "care more" and sleep less.

Report: Biden Told Obama He Was Too Old to Run for President Again

Now he's proving it

A recent New York Times report on the brotherly bond between Barack Obama and Joe Biden contains some interesting details about how Obama ultimately arrived at the decision to select Biden as his running mate in 2008. Unlike Hillary Clinton, among others, Biden was seen as a safe choice in part because he lacked presidential ambitions and was unlikely to exploit the vice presidency to maneuver for a future White House run.

Report: Why Obama Didn’t Want Hillary as VP

He was nervous about putting her "a heartbeat away" from power

Disgraced journalist Glenn Thrush has a piece in the New York Times detailing the history of the most adorable bromance in politics. The report examines the somewhat complicated relationship between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden and offers some insight into Obama’s thinking as he was searching for a suitable running mate in 2008.