Barack Obama

STEALING THE SPOTLIGHT: Obama Launches Book Tour, Eclipses Biden Victory

Former POTUS urged Biden not to run and didn't donate to his campaign

Former President Barack Obama refuses to let Joe Biden enjoy his victory in the 2020 election. Just days after Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election, Obama launched a publicity tour in support of A Promised Land, the 768-page first volume of his third memoir.

Biden Loses Spotlight to Obama

CNN and MSNBC go with Obama over Biden on eve of election

On the eve of the 2020 election, CNN and MSNBC cut away from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to cover former president Barack Obama's last pitch to voters in Miami.

FACT CHECK: Video of Obama Making Three-Point Shot Lacks Crucial Context

Former POTUS posts deceptively edited video implying sports talent he does not possess

Former president Barack Obama, who almost singlehandedly ensured the election of Donald Trump by persuading Joe Biden not to run in 2016, has posted a widely circulated video on social media. Obama's video is of himself, obviously, and shows the former POTUS draining a three-point shot on a basketball court.