Clinton Sarcastically Says She'll Release Private Speech Transcripts When Everyone Else Does

February 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton grew sarcastic on Sunday discussing her oft-criticized paid speeches to the financial industry, saying on ABC's This Week that she would release the transcripts of them when everyone else who's given private speeches had.

Clinton remarked at Thursday night's Democratic debate that she would "look into" releasing them, which many observers viewed as a classic dodge.

Clinton has been slammed by rival Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) for her Wall Street ties, and she has been especially criticized for making $675,000 for just three speeches to Goldman Sachs, all the while claiming she has never been influenced by such large sums of money.

"In the debate the other night, you said you'd look into whether or not to release the transcripts of your speeches to financial groups. Have you made up your mind?" host George Stephanopoulos, a Clinton Foundation donor, asked.

"Yeah, you know, here's another thing I want to say," Clinton said. "Let everybody who's ever given a speech to any private group under any circumstances release them. We'll all release them at the same time. You know, I don't mind being the subject in Republican debates, the subject in the Democratic primary. That kind of goes with the territory ... At some point, these rules need to apply to everybody."

Clinton hit Sanders and Republicans on the other side for also giving paid private speeches.

Clinton supporter Howard Dean grew angry on the subject on Friday, testily saying that Clinton was held to a "double standard" and Sanders doesn't get criticism for his close ties to labor unions. Dean also remarked that labor unions are "super PACs that Democrats like."