Brzezinski Slams Clinton for Hidden Benghazi Emails: 'Oh My God, People Are Not That Dumb'

August 31, 2016

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski said Wednesday that the American people "are not that dumb" and would recognize the potential deceit apparent in headlines about Hillary Clinton's missing Benghazi emails.

The left-leaning Brzezinski has stated she will vote for her but has been a fervent critic of Clinton's email conduct and her campaign's inability to put the controversy behind her.

The State Department announced this week that 30 emails related to the Benghazi terrorist attack are among the thousands recovered by the FBI during its investigation into her server.

"But you know what, people, when they get out there in the ether, today's headline is 30 emails. Benghazi. Hidden," Brzezinski said. "That doesn't help. Sorry. 30 missing emails about Benghazi? That just doesn't help."

Liberal "branding expert" Donny Deutsch tried to spin, saying it was simply making Clinton's case "mushier and gooshier," but Brzezinski balked.

"No, it's not mushy. Oh my God," she said. "People are not that dumb."

"Not a matter of dumb," Deutsch said, "She's untrustworthy. We get it. What's baked into [Donald] Trump is he's dangerous and unstable."

"I'm just saying what we've been saying for over a year, even further, is that the email thing is big. It needs to be answered to, it needs to be completely transparent from the get-go," Brzezinski said.

Clinton claimed last year to have turned over all of her work-releated emails on her private server to the State Department after leaving office, but that has proven false.

Her email server scandal has plagued her campaign since coming to last March. She refused to apologize for almost six months for using the home-brewed set-up, and the FBI launched an investigation into her conduct and called her "extremely careless" with classified information.