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Luke Russert Is Done Finding Himself, Will Return to Nepo Gig at MSNBC

Precocious 38-year-old scion's 'quest for enlightenment' culminates in familiar role hosting corporate-sponsored panel discussions

December 13, 2023

Award-Winning Disinformation Expert Fooled by Palestinian Disinformation

NBC's Ben Collins promotes terrorist talking points after 'hospital' 'bombed' in Gaza

October 18, 2023

Meet the Canadian Psychiatrist MSNBC Is Using To Defend School Shutdowns

Remote learning loss is 'dangerous myth,' Mehdi Hasan says with help from University of British Columbia's Tyler Black

August 31, 2023

WATCH: Media Give Donald Trump the Tony Soprano Treatment

Lib journos gleefully compare Trump to 'mobsters and gangsters' following Georgia indictment on RICO charges

August 17, 2023