ANALYSIS: Liberals Increasingly Concerned That Women, Minorities Can't Be Trusted

Unrelenting hostility aimed at people of color, bisexuals, gingers

October 28, 2021

Democrats, journalists, and other liberals are increasingly concerned that women, people of color, and members of the LGBTTQQ2IAAP+ community can't be trusted with power of any kind, a Washington Free Beacon analysis has determined.

Liberals can barely contain their contempt for Dave Chappelle, a black Muslim with a racially diverse fan base, after the comedy legend "incited" "violence" by telling "transphobic" jokes in his latest Netflix special. Protesters have demanded that Netflix remove the special—to no avail thus far—and have decried his support among free speech enthusiasts. Deadspin, for example, suggested that Chappelle was one of several prominent figures "being used as Black 'pawns' on a white chessboard." (Fact check: Chessboards are traditionally black and white.)

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D., Ariz.), a bisexual boss lady, has also enraged liberals by having different opinions. They have responded by teaming up with billionaire George Soros and following her into bathrooms. Lux Alptraum, writer and director of The Wonderful World of Boning, authored an NBC News opinion piece that scolded Sinema for reinforcing stereotypes about bisexual women as untrustworthy. Given the senator's alleged reputation as "a self-absorbed Democratic turncoat more fixated on getting attention and lining her own pockets than uplifting her community," Alptraum argues that Sinema should be viewed as "a cautionary tale about the limits of representation."

Though Chappelle and Sinema are the most noteworthy targets of liberal skepticism in 2021, last year's election proved that the Democratic Party and its voters are increasingly reluctant to empower candidates who aren't white men. After fielding a large and diverse field of candidates, the Democratic Party rallied behind Joe Biden, a straight cisgender white man who is about to celebrate his 79th birthday. Kamala Harris was offered the meaningless role of vice president after she failed to win a single vote in the primary. Even her former employees are terrified at the thought of her succeeding Biden.

The Democratic Party spent tens of millions of dollars to ensure that black Senate candidates in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Texas were defeated in primaries. In each instance, a white candidate won the party's nomination but was defeated in the general election. Erica Smith, a black woman who ran unsuccessfully against disgraced philanderer Cal Cunningham in the Democratic primary, suggested that Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) "did not want an African American running for Senate in North Carolina."

Meanwhile, liberals were irate when former president Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, a working mother of seven children, to serve on the Supreme Court. Earlier this year, they excoriated Sen. Tim Scott (R., S.C.) for being a black man with different opinions. Democrats continue to oppose policies that would punish universities for discriminating against Asian-American students, yet are hesitant to criticize politicians such as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D., R.I.), who has extensive ties to an all-white beach club and maintains a staff that is almost exclusively white.

Liberals have consistently expressed outrage at Facebook Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, a prominent Ginger American, because he generally disagrees with their pro-censorship position. The libs at CNN are no different. They could have fired Jeffrey Toobin, the network's chief legal analyst who masturbated in front of colleagues on a Zoom call, and replaced him with a person of color. They refused.

Democrats are now increasingly worried that Terry McAuliffe could lose the Virginia gubernatorial race. McAuliffe, a straight cisgender white man who already served as governor, defeated two qualified black women in the Democratic primary after winning the endorsement of the libs at the Washington Post. This lack of trust in minority candidates is worth keeping an eye on as the 2022 midterm elections start heating up. Former ABC News analyst Matthew Dowd, for example, recently announced his candidacy for lieutenant governor of Texas. In 2018, he wrote an op-ed in which he "humbly" argued that white male Christians like himself should "take it upon ourselves to step back and give more people who don’t look like us access to the levers of power."

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