2012 Man of the Year: Samuel Williams

December 29, 2012

Seventy-one-year-old Samuel Williams was minding his own business, surfing the web in an Ocala, Fla., Internet café, when two teenage hooligans burst through the door brandishing a pistol and a baseball bat.

The perpetrators, 19-year-olds Duwayne Henderson and Davis G. Dawkins, began their attempted robbery by smashing a computer screen and threatening a patron at gunpoint.

While this was going on, Williams calmly and boldly decided to take action. In possession of a concealed weapon permit and a .380 caliber handgun, Williams spun around in his chair, brandished his weapon, and, with the speed of a man in his prime, unleashed hell on the would-be robbers.

Williams rained fire on the hoodlums, wounding both as they fled in horror. The entire incident was captured by video surveillance and became an immediate viral sensation.

Despite the instant fame he received for not only saving the day (and possibly lives), Samuel Williams chose to maintain his relative anonymity, declining multiple interview requests.

The only available images of this hero remain in the surveillance footage, which the Free Beacon immortalized forever as BEASTMODE.

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