2012 Man of the Year: Jack Donaghy

30 Rock's Jack Donaghy / AP
December 31, 2012

The last year has been tough for the president of NBC. His plan to tank the network has not gone entirely as he anticipated. His party lost the presidential election. He discovered that he is the model for the villain in one of Tracy Jordan's most successful film series. His mother Colleen died.

But Jack Donaghy can meet any challenge. At Colleen's funeral he delivered possibly the best eulogy in the history of the human race, showing those pretenders Pericles and Antony who’s boss. He persuaded—no, commanded—Tony Bennett to perform at Liz Lemon's wedding. Divorced from his wife after her release from North Korea, Donaghy's love life has resumed its unpredictable yet satisfying course.

Self-pity is for weaker men. Donaghy does not crumple at the first sight of a challenge. He rises to meet the challenge and crush it. The looming conclusion to TGS, and perhaps to his time at Kabletown, won’t stop Jack Donaghy. And neither will the reelection of President Barack Obama.

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