2012 Man of the Year: Keith Judd

Keith Judd / Facebook
December 30, 2012

For a brief time in May, America got to know a different kind of superhero.

Keith Judd, Texas inmate #11593-051, stood up to President Barack Obama when everyone else stood down during the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary.

Running on a record of conviction, Judd, who in fact lists being a former member of the "Federation of Superheroes" on his resume, captured more than 40 percent of the popular vote (approximately 72,000 votes) against Obama in West Virginia’s primary election.

Had the liberal media not buried his campaign so far under the radar, it is quite possible that Judd could have not only won the state’s primary, but also stolen the party’s nomination from the sitting president at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Judd’s platform clearly resonated with the freedom-loving voters of the state.

It consisted of three main planks: defending Second Amendment rights; attacking the Obama administration’s prosecution of the War on Drugs; and something about the Tenth Amendment.

Despite his well-argued and passionately held beliefs, however, his ascent to high office was not meant to be.

For Judd and his iconic hairstyle—a kind of precocious super-mullet—2013 could be an even bigger year, as he is set for release from the federal penitentiary in June.

For the rest of us, we are left wondering what could have been…

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