2012 Man of the Year: The Drone

December 30, 2012

From the pages of our nation’s biggest publications to the hills of Pakistan, it has been hard to miss the buzz about drones this year. In some places, you literally have to be living under a rock to escape them.

The plucky drone has become the tip of the spear in America’s fight against terror, allowing desk jockeys thousands of miles away to rain fiery death upon suspected terrorists and those who happen to be hanging out with suspected terrorists.

President Barack Obama’s hardline Democratic supporters have been curiously quiet about the Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s use of flying death robots to carry out secret extra-judicial assassinations.

But the drone can do so much more than vaporize jihadists. Drones now patrol the United States border. Their scientific uses have barely been explored.

The drone represents America’s can-do spirit, our unrivaled technological prowess, and our longstanding commitment to doling out global retribution against enemies.

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