2022 Man of the Year: Dr. Clifford Chen

Dr. Clifford Chen
December 28, 2022

Few men are willing to give up everything for a political cause. Then there's Dr. Clifford Chen, the John Fetterman campaign donor who sacrificed his professional reputation for the good of the Democratic Party.

"He spoke intelligently and without cognitive deficits," the Pennsylvania physician wrote of the state's lieutenant governor, Senate candidate, and stroke victim. "His speech was normal..."

Days later, in a showdown against his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman cited Chen's letter. High school debate coaches call it an appeal to authority:  "My doctors, the real doctors that I believe, they all believe that I am ready to be served," Fetterman said. Perfectly normal!

Well, Fetterman pulled it out, Democrats held on to their Senate majority, and here at the Free Beacon, game recognize game. We see you, Dr. Chen.

For his valiant service to the Fetterman campaign and the Democratic party, he now joins the ranks of esteemed doctors–including Dr. Jill Biden–who have helped foist mentally-challenged Democrats on the American people. And for torching his professional credibility to rescue Fetterman’s campaign, congratulations, Dr. Chen, you are not just a family physician and a Fetterman donor, you are also a Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year.