2021 Man of the Year: Joe Manchin

Senator Manchin / Getty Images
December 24, 2021

West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin doesn’t always get it right. But when he does, it’s spectacular.

In between throwing COVID parties on his 60-foot yacht, fleeing from climate protesters in his Maserati, and hanging out with his Pharma-villain daughter, Manchin has still found time to own more libs than the entire GOP combined this year.

Sure, his latest decision to blow up President Joe Biden’s disastrous Build Back Better plan was probably based more on political expediency than on principle. Manchin is the last federal Democrat standing in a state that voted 68 percent for Donald Trump in 2020.

Still, it has been great to watch him torch The Squad’s socialist dreams like an old sofa after a Mountaineers game.

Some highlights from Manchin’s repeated gut-punches to progressives include:

—Dashing plans to scrap the filibuster

—Killing a voting bill that would have made it easier for Democrats to commit election fraud

—Blocking the nomination of Neera Tanden for director of the Office of Management and Budget, due to rude Tweets

—Torpedoing BBB

Make no mistake. The Washington Free Beacon, and the entire free world, will never forget that Manchin cast the deciding vote to confirm a mullah-supporting amateur DJ to oversee defense policy at the Pentagon last spring—a decision that many experts blame for the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. We also reserve the right to revoke Manchin’s Man of the Year award if he caves on BBB or casts any other terrible future votes.

But based on his relentless determination to hinder the left's socialist domestic policy agenda at every turn in 2021, Joe Manchin is a Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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