2019 Man of The Year: Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden / Getty Images
December 29, 2019

It's been said that the downfall of most any man can generally be traced to one of the so-called Three Bs:



& Blow.

In 2019, no man took a harder hammering from the Three Bs than Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year, Hunter Biden.

The babes are numerous: an ex-wife, an ex-girlfriend/widow of his dead brother, (RIP), prostitutes, strippers, a baby momma stripper, and a new bride whom he dated for all of six days and is also now pregnant.

That's a lot of sex.

So, it's no wonder Hunter sought to take the edge off with a little booze…and then crank it all the way back up with A TON of blow.

Enough blow to get himself kicked out of the Navy, dodge arrest in Arizona, dodge an owl in Arizona, and live with a bum named "Bicycles" in his very own D.C. apartment/trap house.

Hunter Biden parties hard. He's the ultimate dude, being a dude, doing dude things—expensive dude things.

Seriously, how the hell was Hunter Biden able to afford to party so hard?

His father, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., a 77-year-old grandfather of six and a leading 2020 Democratic candidate for president, was one of the poorest members of the Senate who had to take Amtrak to and from work—AMTRAK!

If Joe Biden is not for sale and the only discernible professional skill Hunter Biden has is paying a professional to do professional things to his Anthony Weiner, then we ask again, where did Hunter Biden's money come from? (Aside from Burisma.)

The Three Bs may have befallen Hunter in 2019, but how many more Bs can the campaign of Hunter's dad Joe withstand?

Perhaps, just a fourth: Biden. Hunter Biden, 2019's Free Beacon Man of the Year.

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