CNN Town Hall Crowd Cheers Idea of Banning Every Semiautomatic Rifle in America

February 22, 2018

A CNN town hall crowd in Florida Monday cheered at the idea of banning every semiautomatic rifle in the United States.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and Rep. Ted Deutch (D., Fla.) both spoke at the town hall, which featured many from Parkland, Fla. where last week's deadly high school shooting took place.

The two members lawmakers were discussing the old U.S. assault weapons ban when Rubio pointed out the ban would not have prevented the Feb. 14 shooting.

"It's not the loopholes, it's the problem that once you start looking at how easy it is to get around it, you would literally have to ban every semiautomatic rifle that's sold in America," Rubio said.

The crowd erupted in loud cheering and applause.

"Fair enough, fair enough, fair enough," Rubio said in response. "That is a valid position to hold, but my colleagues do not support banning every semiautomatic rifle sold in America."

Deutch added, however, that he thinks the AR-15 should be banned.

"I believe that the idea that a gunman like this could march down the halls of Stoneman Douglas High School and fire enough 150 rounds in six or seven minutes, that gun should be banned," Deutch said. "There is no reason anybody should own one of those."

The Democratic congressman continued to express his support to ban semiautomatic rifles, referring to them as "weapons of war." Many semiautomatic rifles, including the AR-15 and numerous hunting rifles, are not military weapons. The U.S. Military widely uses the M16, which has burst fire capabilities.