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White House-Backed TikTok Bill Is Toothless, China Hawks Say

Bill allows Biden admin to delay action on TikTok despite national security concerns

March 15, 2023

Inspector General Investigating Buttigieg's Use of Taxpayer-Funded Jets

Audit comes as transportation secretary faces backlash over response to East Palestine train derailment

February 28, 2023

Omnibus Spending Bill Includes Ban on Government-Funded Crack Pipes

Free Beacon report earlier this year revealed $30 million Biden admin plan to fund crack pipe kits for racial equity

December 21, 2022
Sen. Marco Rubio

Republican Lawmakers Call for TikTok Ban

'That TikTok, and by extension the CCP, has the ability to survey every keystroke teenagers enter on their phones is disturbing,' argue Sen. Rubio and Rep. Gallagher

November 10, 2022

'Freedom of Expression': Foggy Bottom Stands by $10K Grant to Queer Film Fest

State Department proud to fund festival featuring incest, pedophilia

August 25, 2022

Florida Democrat Racially Profiles Sweet Old Man Who Just Wanted To Pray for Her Soul

Senate hopeful peddles dangerous stereotype, shows no remorse

June 29, 2022