Gun Control

Gun Groups Mobilize for Virginia Special Session

Gun-rights, gun-control supporters plan to flood Richmond on Tuesday

Members of the groups will descend on Richmond July 9 as the Virginia legislature begins a special session called by embattled Governor Ralph Northam (D) in the wake of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach.

Study: Crime Guns Obtained Illegally Shortly Before Shootings

Study says better enforcement of current law could result in a noticeable reduction in gun crime

Guns SalesA study published in the latest edition of the Journal of Urban Health argues perpetrators of gun crimes acquire their guns shortly before using them, and better enforcement of current law could interrupt these transactions.

McBath Calls for ‘Gun-Free Society’

Office says she misspoke, opponent says she’s lying

"The time has come to stand up," Rep. McBath said at the end of a press conference. "I hope that you take this charge back to your communities and stand up for a gun-free society."

Trump Considers Banning Silencers

'I don't like it. I don't like it,' says president

President Trump said in an interview on Wednesday that he is going to "seriously look at" banning silencers in the wake of one of the devices being recovered at a shooting where 12 people were murdered in Virginia Beach.

Va. Governor Calls for Special Gun-Control Session

ATF says it can't release info on shooter's silencer

Gov. Ralph NorthamVirginia's governor Ralph Northam (D.) called for a special session of the state legislature in order to take up a collection of gun-control proposals mostly unrelated to last week's attack in Virginia Beach where 12 people were murdered. He has yet to specify when the session will take place.