Harrison Ford's Film Set Injury Is Bad News for Joe Biden

Actor's broken leg in 2014 helped sink Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions

June 25, 2021

Hollywood legend Harrison Ford is out of commission after injuring his shoulder on the set of Indiana Jones 5. That's bad news for President Joe Biden.

Ford, 78, is only a few months older than Biden, who has been deteriorating before our very eyes. For example:

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The actor's injury does not bode well for Biden's physical and mental health, as well as the health of his political career. The Washington Free Beacon has a history of being right about these things.

In 2014, when Ford suffered a broken leg on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, the Free Beacon argued the incident was "bad news" for Hillary Clinton because it raised "serious questions about Clinton's fitness to serve in the White House."

As it so happened, Hillary's health became a major issue during the 2016 campaign. She would go on to make history as the first woman nominated by a major party to lose a presidential election, effectively ending her political career. Just as the Free Beacon predicted in December 2014, "Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President."

Vice President Kamala Harris still has a shot. She'll never be elected on merit, obviously, but Biden might not be able to feign competence much longer, and Ford's injury suggests her lifelong dream may be on the verge of coming true.