Star Wars

No, Secret Russian Agents Probably Aren’t Behind ‘The Last Jedi’ Hate

The Last JediSome people don't like Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This won't come as surprise to many of you: the film currently has a "Rotten" audience score on RottenTomatoes despite good critical reaction, indicating that at least 100,000 people went to site specifically to complain about a Star Wars movie. The Free Beacon's in-house critic didn't like the movie. But evidently, the loud and public backlash to the movie was actually a Russian plot!

Inside the Navy’s Nerdfest

NavyCon uses sci-fi to shed light on future of combat

The debriefing was as vicious as you'd expect it to be, the Navy commander methodic in his dissection of one of the greatest failures in military history. The massive loss of life and strategic capabilities were inevitable once the officers of history's greatest military force allowed large sections of the region to "develop into a safe haven" for lawlessness and terrorism, "the perfect environment to allow a rebellion to grow."

In a Law School Far, Far Away

Review: Cass R. Sunstein, ‘The World According to Star Wars’

A long time ago in a movie studio far, far away, a man named George Lucas assembled a giant cake called Star Wars—a rickety thing, looking as though at any moment its three tiers would collapse upon themselves. Tasty, though: You had to give him that. And maybe sturdier than it originally looked, since the foundation survived, more or less intact, Lucas’s attempts to stack three more layers on top, 20 years later. While the Star Wars movies were making their long, $30 billion run at the top of popular American entertainment, a man named Cass Sunstein was off at the University of Chicago and Harvard, teaching and gathering wisdom in a kind of law professor’s version of Yoda in the distant Dagobah system.