Top 5 Moments From Biden's Medal of Freedom Ceremony

July 7, 2022

The president's staff allowed Joe Biden to appear in public Thursday to award 17 Americans with the presidential Medal of Freedom. Here are the top five moments from the White House ceremony:

1) Hunter was there.

Biden's crackhead son, who is still under federal investigation, attended the event with his new wife and two-year-old son. Biden noted their presence while introducing Megan Rapinoe, the female soccer player and anti-flag activist, and bragged that one of Hunter's four daughters "was a great high school athlete." (Biden only acknowledges three of those daughters; he continues to ignore the existence of the baby girl Hunter fathered with a stripper named "Dallas" in 2018.) Rapinoe is best known for telling the parents of female athletes to stop complaining about biological males competing in women's sports. "I’m sorry, your kid's high school volleyball team just isn’t that important," she told Time magazine in June.

2) Steve Schmidt got snubbed.

The Lincoln Project schlub didn't win a medal this time, which is just as well because the White House dais wouldn't have been able to support his morbidly obese body. Schmidt wasn't just snubbed. He was publicly humiliated. Weeks after speaking his truth in a deranged blog post about his former boss, the late Sen. John McCain (R., Ariz.), Schmidt was forced to watch as President Biden stomped on that truth by honoring McCain's extraordinary career in public service with a posthumous Medal of Freedom. That must have hurt. Meanwhile, Biden's claim that he "never said a negative thing about [John McCain] in my life" was a lie.

3) Biden ignored his handlers' advice. 

It's easy to see why White House staffers are experiencing such overwhelming anxiety these days. Biden clearly lacks the cognitive fortitude to behave like a normal human being in public settings, but he refuses to be held back. They presumably warned him not to get on that bicycle. Speaking at the podium on Thursday, the president decided to once again ignore his handlers' advice. "I [wasn't] going to do this they told me not to but [I'm] gonna do it anyway I'm [going to] tell a story," he said before recounting a meeting with "Pope John—excuse me—Pope Benedict." Biden will celebrate his 80th birthday in November.

4) Laurene Powell Jobs's "hard work" paid off.

The billionaire Apple widow has donated millions of dollars to Democratic candidates and committees since 2016. She has also funded shady left-wing media firms that peddle "hyperpartisan local propaganda" in an effort to boost public support for Democrats. Her efforts to spend her dead husband's money finally paid off on Thursday, when she accepted the Medal of Freedom on behalf of the turtleneck icon. As recently as February 2022, the Apple spouse employed the services of a "bare-knuckle" public-relations firm best known for representing disgraced Hollywood rapist Harvey Weinstein and hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett.

5) Old habits die hard. 

Biden took his sweet time putting that medal around Megan Rapinoe's neck, as evidenced by her facial expression in this video. Maybe it was a result of his elderly fingers not functioning properly, or maybe he just wanted to linger for a while to get a whiff of that tomboy hairdo. Biden has a long history of inappropriate hair smelling, face touching, back rubbing, arm squeezing, and was credibly accused of sexual assault by a former aide.