GRINCH ALERT: Not Even Christmas Spirit Can Get Joe Biden To Recognize His 7th Grandchild

President refuses to acknowledge Hunter's love child with Arkansas stripper

December 1, 2021

President Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to acknowledge the existence of his son Hunter's love child with an Arkansas stripper. Perhaps the spirit of Christmas could warm his frigid heart and inspire him to finally embrace his seventh grandchild and shower the innocent babe with the love and compassion it deserves.

Perhaps not.

According to a Washington Free Beacon analysis of the White House Christmas decorations, Biden remains determined to punish the child for the crime of being born to a "nasty woman." Video evidence shows just six stockings hanging above the fireplace in the White House state dining room—one for every grandchild whose existence the Bidens do not deny, according to journalist Emily Goodin.

Biden's refusal to accept the grandchild as a member of his family is yet another example of a prominent Democratic politician ignoring science for purely selfish reasons. A court-ordered DNA test determined "with scientific certainty" that Hunter was the father of the child born in 2018 to Lunden Alexis Roberts, a.k.a. "Dallas." In response to a reporter's question about the result, Biden lashed out in a violent rage.

In his 2021 memoir, Hunter wrote that he "has no recollection of the encounter" with Roberts that produced the child and cruelly dismissed the woman as "hardly the dating type." Like his father, Hunter has denied the scientific evidence and refused to identify himself as the child's father. "It was a mess," he explained, heartlessly, "but a mess that I've taken responsibility for" in the form of a confidential settlement after aggressively challenging the child's mother in court and exhausting all his legal options.

To be fair, it's not entirely clear whether Joe Biden is rejecting his seventh grandchild out of malice or because he is simply unable to remember basic facts about his family due to his rapidly deteriorating brain. For example, Biden has claimed to have just five grandchildren, which is incorrect even by his own callous, science-denying standards.

Biden's lack of emotional growth in light of the upcoming holiday season should be of great concern to all Americans who are rightfully terrified of the left-wing plot to abolish Christmas.

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