See No Evil

Media avert eyes from Democratic campaign finance hypocrisy

If a campaign finance story is not about David Koch or Sheldon Adelson, do liberals care? Consider the reaction to Kenneth Vogel’s important report on the winter meeting of the Democracy Alliance, the secretive organization of progressive millionaires and billionaires who finance an extraordinarily byzantine network of liberal foundations and Super PACs that operate with undisclosed “dark money.” What reaction? Exactly. There wasn’t any.

DUI Can’t Keep Bundler From Bundling

Almost-ambassador still raising big bucks for Obama campaign
Timothy Broas

On Friday, the Obama campaign disclosed its most recent list of campaign bundlers. Disgraced almost-ambassador Tim Broas is still listed as a bundler committed to raising more than $500,000. Broas was also a bundler for Obama in 2008.

Obama Pleads for Megadonor

Obama at the Waldorf: 'If somebody here has $10M, I can’t solicit it from you, but feel free to use it wisely'
Obama at a campaign event / AP Images

President Obama came dangerously close to violating campaign finance law during a campaign fundraiser Tuesday, Politico reporter Ken Vogel noted on Twitter.

The Biggest Myth of 2012

Column: It’s the idea that liberal donors don’t ask for anything in return
AP Images

I don’t know whether President Obama or Mitt Romney will win on November 6, but I do know what the MSNBC talking heads will say in the event that Obama loses.

Obama Burning through Campaign Cash


Despite raising an unprecedented amount of money, Team Obama is burning through its cash “at an astonishing rate.” The campaign is set to organize an unusual number “of high-dollar fundraisers in the coming weeks,” according to reports.