Pro-Israel Dem’s Foundation Gave $1 Million to Group With Palestinian Terror Links

New Venture Foundation gave to group dropped by Paypal and Stripe for terror ties

Rep. Dan Goldman (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
October 20, 2023

Pro-Israel Democratic representative Daniel Goldman’s (N.Y.) charitable foundation gave over $1 million to a group that bankrolled a progressive organization linked to Palestinian terrorism.

The Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation, a family foundation where Goldman served on the board until at least last year, has donated $1.2 million to the New Venture Fund (NVF), a major left-leaning, dark-money group, according to Fox News.

The NVF donated $38,000 to the Alliance for Global Justice for "environmental programs" in 2021 and $210,000 in 2020, according to the Washington Examiner. The alliance was recently dropped from Paypal, Stripe, and other fundraising platforms due to its sponsorship of the Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, an Israel-designated terrorist group.

Goldman, who was visiting family in Tel Aviv during the terrorist attacks, has a pro-Israel record and decried the "death and destruction and savagery and massacre that the terrorists exacted on Israel." But the funding link between his family foundation, the New Venture Fund, and the Alliance for Global Justice is the latest example of how anti-Israel activism has become deeply intertwined with many progressive organizations.

BLM Chicago recently threw its support behind Hamas, posting an image on Twitter celebrating the terrorist group’s use of paragliders to breach the Israeli border and commit mass terror attacks. Left-wing groups at Harvard University, including the school’s Amnesty International chapter, released a statement blaming Israel for the atrocities committed by Hamas.

The Alliance for Global Justice, which manages and sponsors numerous progressive organizations, came under scrutiny for its "fiscal sponsorship" of Samidoun last year, prompting Paypal, Stripe, and Salsa Labs to block the alliance from using their funding platforms.

Samidoun was designated as a terrorist organization by Israel in 2021, and the Israeli government accused the group of having a "wide network of ties with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist organization."

Samidoun "conducts intensive activities to promote the release of PFLP terrorists … in coordination and cooperation with the PFLP terrorist organization," according to an Israeli government report. The report also found that a Samidoun activist received training from Hezbollah and acted as a conduit for funds between Syria, Lebanon, and the PFLP.

The Alliance for Global Justice defended its sponsorship of Samidoun, saying that it "refuses to exceptionalize the Palestinian human rights movement."

"If they come for Samidoun, [the alliance], they have come for all of us. [The alliance] is an international organization that supports the thousands of Palestinians unlawfully imprisoned by the far-right Israeli government," said the Alliance for Global Justice in a statement on its website.