CNN: Obama Contradicting Himself When He Claims Presidency Isn’t ‘Reality TV’

CNN media reporter Brian Stelter noted Friday that President Obama contradicted himself with his solemn declaration on The Tonight Show that the presidency is not like a reality show.

Obama, after performing in one of Jimmy Fallon's light-hearted "Slow Jams" of the news, grew stern in his interview. On a show that features segments like "Box of Lies" and "Lip Sync Battle," Obama said of Donald Trump's rise to the Republican nomination, "This is not reality TV."

"In some ways, he contradicts what he said to Fallon in the interview, which is, ‘This is a serious job, this is not reality TV,'" Stelter said. "You know, that was Obama's slam against Donald Trump during the interview, but in some ways this is reality TV, and this president and this White House, more than any other, have recognized the importance of entertainment formats."

Obama has been a fixture on the late-night circuit, and with the adoration he enjoys in Hollywood and the media, he's also done countless appearances alongside celebrities. He endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this week after Clinton claimed victory in the Democratic primary.

The Washington Free Beacon compiled a montage of some of Obama's ultra-lite marketing after he criticized Trump in February as unworthy of the office.