QUIZ: Are These Obama-Netflix Productions Real or Fake?

It's been almost a year since former President Barack H. Obama, best known for being the predecessor to current President Donald J. Trump, signed a deal with Netflix rumored to be worth more than $50 million. This week, the production company founded by Obama and his wife, Michelle, finally gave the public a taste of some of the video projects they've been working on.

The ‘Christmas Prince’ Is a Totalitarian Despot of a Third-World Hellhole

For reasons I refuse to disclose, I watched Netflix’s A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding this weekend. The movie is the second in the series of movies about a nonthreatening conventionally attractive journalist named Amber, who goes undercover to interview Richard, the prince of a generic European country called Aldovia. Spoilers: they fall in love. And during Christmas!

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Transcript Sheds Light on Obama Netflix Series

Earlier this year, former President Barack Obama inked a “high eight-figure deal” with Netflix to produce original content in the form of “scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.” As luck would have it, the Washington Free Beacon has exclusively obtained what appears to be a partial transcript of the first episode in this vaguely defined yet highly anticipated cinematic endeavor. It is presented below for your immediate edification.