GOP Sees Positive Signs for 2020 in Pa. Special Election Win

President Donald Trump looks on as Fred Keller speaks

Democrat Marc Friedenberg was on the ballot again in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District on Tuesday—this time facing a relatively unknown state lawmaker rather than a four-term incumbent congressman—and he lost by an even bigger margin, a sign to Republicans that 2020 will not be a repeat of 2018.

Kamala Harris’s Brother-In-Law Helped Write 1994 Crime Bill

The 1994 crime bill Kamala Harris attacked on Wednesday was crafted by her brother-in-law.

Harris criticized the crime bill during a stop in New Hampshire as a way of criticizing former vice president Joe Biden. Harris said the bill contributed to “mass incarceration in our country,” established the “federal three strikes law,” and “funded the building of more prisons in the states.”