The Bidens Still Don't Know How Many Grandchildren They Have

Joe says 5, Dr. Jill says 6, science says (at least) 7

April 6, 2020

Dr. Jill Biden (Ed.D.), the wife of former vice president Joe Biden, attempted to clarify her husband's inaccurate claim about the number of grandchildren they have, but ended up getting it wrong—according to science, at least.

"We have three children, and we have six grandchildren," Dr. Jill said Sunday during a livestream town hall with Joe, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president in 2020. Last week, Joe Biden claimed to have just five grandchildren in a virtual interview with Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. According to science, however, the elderly couple has at least seven.

Joe and Dr. Jill have one daughter, Ashley, who has no children. Joe's deceased son (from a previous marriage) Beau had two children. His renegade son Hunter, a 2019 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year, had three children with his first wife, Katherine Buhle. On March 28, Hunter celebrated the birth of a son with his current wife, Melissa Cohen. That's six grandchildren, but there's a massive asterisk.

In November 2019, Hunter Biden was found—by science—to be the father of a child born to an Arkansas woman, Lunden Alexis Roberts, in August 2018. A court-ordered DNA test determined "with scientific certainty" that Hunter was the child's father, despite his repeated denials that he ever had a sexual relationship with Roberts.

Biden and Roberts reached a settlement in March 2020 requiring Biden to make monthly child-support payments beginning in April and reimburse Roberts's legal fees. As far as the law and science are concerned, Hunter Biden has five children, which means that Joe Biden has seven grandchildren.

Jill Biden may have a doctorate in education, but that doesn't give her license to play fast and loose with the facts.