Joe Biden Still Not Sure How Many Grandchildren He Has

Refuses to acknowledge existence of Hunter Biden's love child with stripper, despite definitive results of court-ordered DNA test

October 13, 2020

By all scientific and legal standards, former vice president Joe Biden has seven grandchildren. For whatever reason, the Democratic candidate has consistently gotten that number wrong on the campaign trail, and did so again on Tuesday.

"How many of you have been unable to hug your grandkids in the last seven months?" Biden said during a campaign event in Florida. "I got six of 'em."

FACT CHECK: Biden does not have six of 'em. He has seven of 'em.

Biden's deceased son Beau had two children: Natalie and Robert. Biden's troubled son, Hunter, has five children: Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy with his first wife; a son Beau with current wife Melissa Cohen; and a son identified in Arkansas court documents as "NJR."

According to the results of a DNA test, which were announced last year on Joe Biden's 77th birthday, it is a "scientific certainty" that Hunter was the father of "NJR." Those results ultimately helped settle a legal dispute between Hunter and the child's mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, who previously worked as a stripper under the stage name "Dallas."