Steyer Slams Democratic Opposition to Impeaching Trump: ‘Human Beings’ Outside Washington Support It

Billionaire left-wing mega-donor Tom Steyer remained defiant Monday about his $20 million campaign to impeach Donald Trump in the face of Democratic Party opposition, saying "human beings" outside of Washington support it.

Steyer's television ad campaign, which features him talking directly to the camera about Trump as a threat to the country, is not supported by top Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) and former Obama White House adviser David Axelrod.

Reps. Seth Moulton (D., Mass.) and Jim Himes (D., Conn.) told the Wall Street Journal last month the impeachment discussions don't help Democrats in House races as they seek to win back the chamber in 2018.

CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla noted the criticisms and asked Steyer if he would ever give up.

"What we've seen in response to this petition is a massive response, much greater than we expected," Steyer said, citing getting more than three million signatures to sign a petition supporting Trump's impeachment.

"It frankly doesn't surprise me that all of these political insiders find it a threat to their power, so the fact of the matter is what we're doing is trying to give a voice to the American people so they can speak up together and demand some sanity from Washington, D.C.," Steyer said.

Told of Himes' remark that Steyer's efforts could hurt Democratic midterm results, Steyer said impeachment was "overwhelmingly supported by Democrats."

"What you see is a bunch of people from inside Washington, D.C., who find this threatening, but the American people absolutely love it," Steyer said. "So I think that's the distinction you have to understand is there're the people inside the Beltway and then there're the human beings—or American citizens—and the distinction is very clear."