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Resistance Inc.

Column: Why impeachment isn't going away

Trump supporters are right to feel vindication after Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress. At times the special counsel seemed unfamiliar with the contents of his own report. He came across as aloof and confused and often unable to answer both Democratic and Republican questions to the lawmakers' satisfaction.

Tom Steyer Rewards Pro-Impeachment Reps

California billionaire did not make donations to any other congressmen in last quarter

Tom Steyer made maximum contributions to the campaigns of three Democratic representatives after each voiced support for an impeachment inquiry.

Democrats Bash Steyer’s Presidential Run

'I wish he wouldn't do it. Especially at this late date'

Democratic lawmakers are not pleased with billionaire activist Tom Steyer's long-shot bid for the presidential nomination, according to reporting by Politico's Burgess Everett and Heather Caygle.

Billionaire Tom Steyer Doesn’t See Himself as ‘Rich’

Attendee at Steyer event asks: 'Is there a person who can be a billionaire in politics and not be a bad guy?'

Left-wing megadonor Tom Steyer, who is a billionaire and plans to spend $100 million on his long-shot presidential campaign, does not see himself as "rich."