Tom Steyer

Staffers Sue Billionaire Dem Tom Steyer

Dem billionaire faces suit under labor law championed by his allies

Tom SteyerFormer staffers of Tom Steyer's failed presidential campaign filed a lawsuit accusing the Democratic billionaire of violating their labor rights, state filings show.

America’s Pain Is the Ecosocialist’s Pleasure

An Earth Day reminder

oilThe town of Cushing, Oklahoma, lies about halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. With a population of just under 8,000, Cushing is unremarkable save for the fact that, thanks to an accident of history, thousands of barrels of West Texas Intermediate oil are delivered to and distributed from there every month.

SHE CAN’T WIN: Early State Dems Prefer White Male Billionaire to Warren in New Poll

Tom Steyer surges into third place in early primary states

We'll probably never know exactly what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) told Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) during their private meeting in 2018. She says he told her a woman couldn't win the presidency. He says otherwise. Either way, it's becoming increasingly evident that at least one woman—Liz Warren—cannot win in 2020.