IT'S HAPPENING: Democratic Voters Are Ready for Hillary, Poll Finds

She's tied for first place with Joe Biden in recent survey

November 4, 2019

Democratic primary voters are "Ready for Hillary," according to the results of a recent Harvard-Harris national poll which found that twice-failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton would tie for first place with Joe Biden if she were to join the underwhelming field of candidates vying to face Donald Trump in 2020.

The poll is great news for fans of Clinton, who has stubbornly refused to rule out another run for president, and has reportedly expressed a willingness to enter the race if she believed she could win. As longtime Clinton goon Philippe Reines recently said on Fox News, the former first lady "might be the best person" to beat President Trump, despite her inability to do so in 2016.

The Harvard poll also tested voter support for two other potential late-entry candidates in the Democratic primary, former Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of the three, Clinton fared the best with 11 percent support, which was good enough for a first-place tie with Biden, several points ahead of current primary candidates Bernie Sanders (8 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (7 percent). Both Kerry and Bloomberg received 6 percent, an indication that Democratic voters are less than satisfied with the current field of candidates.

That field is beginning to narrow ahead of the Iowa caucus in early February. Failed Senate candidate Beto "Born To Be In It" O'Rourke dropped out last week after failing to find traction for his platform of cursing about guns and racism. Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.), who like O'Rourke was once considered a "top-tier" candidate by Democratic strategists, is unlikely to remain in the race much longer after slashing campaign staff.

The winnowing field could present a golden opportunity for Clinton to enter the race and unite the party behind her message of how it was really unfair to have her lifelong dream of being president stolen from her by the Russians. Clinton has already proven that she has what it takes to win the nomination when the entire Democratic Party apparatus unites to intimidate and threaten anyone who might stand in her way.

This time around, Clinton would benefit from sitting out the early stages of the primary, allowing her to build up crucial reserves of stamina that, along with the unprecedented recent advancements in military-grade exoskeleton technology, would ensure that her elderly body and mind stay sharp, and allow her to avoid embarrassing falls or coughing fits on the debate stage.

Are you ready?