On One-Year Anniversary of Campaign, Clinton Not Celebrating

April 12, 2016

Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary of Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch, but, faced with an unexpected battle for her adopted home state and criticism over a racial comedy skit, Clinton is not celebrating, CBS reported.

Despite her history as former New York senator, Clinton is going "all-out" in a battle against rival Bernie Sanders for the delegate-rich state. Sanders has attacked Clinton on her qualifications and "lacking" judgment, while Clinton has suggested that Sanders is cracking under the pressure of New York’s "bright lights."

"This is probably not how she planned to be celebrating [her one-year anniversary]," CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes said.

"I have noticed that under the bright spotlight and scrutiny here in New York, Senator Sanders has had trouble answering questions," Clinton said, referring to Sanders’ interview with the New York Daily News.

Both candidates have gone to great lengths to show who is the truer New Yorker: Sanders gave a campaign speech in the Brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up, while Clinton went on a subway "joyride" and stared at some Junior’s cheesecake.

Clinton added to her uphill climb Sunday night by participating in a controversial racial comedy skit with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. Critics have called the exchange "painful" and "cringeworthy."

During the skit, de Blasio said he was late to endorse Clinton because he was running on "C.P. time" or "colored people’s time." He was met with gasps and awkward silence from the crowd. Clinton, in on the joke, then said that the mayor meant "cautious politician time."

The Clinton campaign has not commented on the joke other than to agree with de Blasio’s statement that it was meant only to mock the mayor and was not supposed to be offensive.