New York

Call it DeBLOVID-19: Mayor Urged NYCers to ‘Go On With Your Lives’ as City Became Cesspool of Infection

'New York was the primary gateway for the rest of the country'

"Let's Call It Trumpvirus," reads the New York Times headline to a Gail Collins opinion column published on Feb. 28—yet another example of the deeply considered, insightful analysis Times readers have come to expect. However, in light of new research published in the Times on Thursday, perhaps we should start calling it "DeBLOVID-19."

FLASHBACK: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Makes ‘Nonsense’ Prediction About Navy Hospital Ship Reaching New York

"There's no sign that they'll be anywhere on site helping out anywhere in the country for weeks"

The USNS Comfort, a Navy hospital ship that has delivered humanitarian aid around the world, arrived in New York City on Monday to provide much-needed medical resources amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The ship will help ease the burden on New York's health care system by housing about 1,000 patients who require urgent treatment but are not infected with coronavirus.