Mitchell: Clinton Never Answered Why She Had a Private Email Server

September 4, 2015

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said Hillary Clinton never answered why she had a private email server during their exclusive interview Friday, telling fellow network host Thomas Roberts Clinton did not "really define" her reasoning.

Clinton never officially apologized for her use of a private email server, despite being twice asked if she would by Mitchell, but she did say she was "sorry" about any "confusion" she may have caused.

"She didn't really say she's sorry she did it," Mitchell said. "When I asked a couple of times why she had a private email server, she said she wasn't thinking ...  So that didn't really define why she did it, which is the question that a lot of people are wondering. Was it the investigations of the 90s when they were in the White House and was trying to frustrate reporters' requests or congressional requests?"

Mitchell also criticized Clinton's "parsing" of words with her claim again that nothing marked classified had been sent or received on her private server.

"She claimed nothing had been classified but, again, that is parsing words that nothing was marked classified at the time," Mitchell said. "There are internal arguments all the time among intelligence agencies any time there's a freedom of information request to release something to the press. The intelligence agencies move in and they generally do try to upgrade classifications, but that has caused a lot of controversy."

Clinton's sit-down with Mitchell Friday was only her third nationally televised interview of her presidential campaign. The private email scandal, which first came to light in March, has dogged Clinton's numbers and caused a once blowout Democratic race to considerably tighten, with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) starting to gain ground in Iowa and leading in New Hampshire.