Clinton Twice Refuses to Apologize for Private Email Scandal

• September 4, 2015 12:18 pm

Despite being given two opportunities to do so by MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Hillary Clinton did not apologize Friday for her use of a private email server while at the State Department.

"You said recently that using your personal email while you were secretary of state was not the best choice and that you take responsibility," Mitchell said. "Are you sorry?"

"Well, I certainly wish I had made a different choice and I know why the American people have questions about it, and I wanted to make sure that I answer those questions," Clinton said. "My personal email use was fully aboveboard. It was allowed by the State Department as they have confirmed, but in retrospect … I should have had two accounts. One for personal, one for work-related."

Clinton's sentiment about understanding why the American people wanted to know more was curious, given she had claimed in August no one spoke to her about her email saga except the media covering the scandal.

After a long-winded answer by Clinton about the focus of her presidential campaign, Mitchell strangely repeated her question as if Clinton had not heard it the first time.

"But this has created what even your own campaign manager said are some headwinds," Mitchell said. "A lot of noise out there, so let's get through some of it. First of all, are you sorry? Do you want to apologize to the American people for the choice you made?"

"Well, it wasn't the best choice, and I certainly have said that," Clinton said. "I will continue to say that. As I've also said many times, it was allowed and it was fully aboveboard. The people in the government knew that I was using a personal account, but it would have been better to have two separate accounts to begin with."