Kay Hagan Called Out for Going to Her Talking Points on WikiLeaks

October 28, 2016

Former North Carolina Senator and Hillary Clinton surrogate Kay Hagan was called out by CNN's Chris Cuomo on Friday for going to her talking points when asked about the revelations from WikiLeaks.

When Cuomo brought up Clinton campaign chair John Podesta's hacked emails that have shown a mixing of charity and self-serving by the Clintons and their aides, Hagan went straight to blaming Russia.

"You know, I think the WikiLeaks thing, I think what's interesting about that is 17 national security agencies within the United States government [have] said that Russia is the culprit behind this," Hagan said.

"Kay, Kay, I know the talking point about deflecting it to who did it," Cuomo said. "I get that it's wrong that Russia is trying to influence the election. But it's out there and there is no question of its authenticity by the people involved, so you've gotta speak to the substance of it."

Hagan went on to defend the Clinton Foundation and its work while saying that Bill Clinton would resign from his position there if Hillary Clinton wins the election. She then condemned again the hacking of Podesta's emails.

At the end of the interview, Hagan mistakenly said the election would be over in 12 days. Cuomo was quick to point out that it was only 11 days until Nov. 8.

"Kay Hagan, 11 days," Cuomo said. "Don't you extend this election one more day than necessary. Eleven days. Please."

"I'm counting today and Tuesday," Hagan said.