Kay Hagan

Former Dem Senator Has Lucrative History With New Lobbyist Employers

Kay Hagan received campaign contributions from Akin Gump and introduced legislation benefitting its client

A former Democratic senator is joining a prominent Washington lobbying shop after receiving thousands in campaign contributions from the firm and authoring legislation that advanced the international trade agenda of one of its foreign government clients.

Why Kay Hagan’s Defeat Is Good for America

As the midterm elections approached, most Democrats had resigned themselves to losing the Senate, but few, if any, were expecting to lose in North Carolina. To be fair, there weren’t too many Republicans predicting a Thom Tillis victory, either. But that’s exactly what happened Tuesday night, when voters denied Kay Hagan’s bid for reelection, thus making it much harder for her to steal money from American taxpayers and give it to members of her immediate family. Hagan's loss is a huge win for America, and here's why:

Kay Hagan’s Friends in the Media

Charlotte Observer abruptly pulls story on senator's stimulus scandal

Being Kay Hagan (or a member of her immediate family) is a pretty good gig if you can find it. As a Democratic senator, Hagan has significantly increased her net worth since getting elected and her husband, son, and son-in-law have received taxpayer funding for their businesses. Additionally, she appears to have convinced the local media that stories reflecting poorly on her are unfit for print. The Charlotte Observer is under fire from Republicans for pulling a story about Hagan and the stimulus grants her family received. After briefly posting a story about state government officials calling for a “legal review” of the grants—with the headline: “Memo: Grant given to company run by Sen. Hagan's husband needs 'legal review'”—the Observer erased the story from its website. Here is the cached version:

It Pays to Be a Hagan

Report reveals sketchy paperwork surrounding son's involvement in stimulus-funded company

Unlike John Fogerty, Tilden Hagan is a Senator’s son, and, shockingly, things have worked out pretty well for him. By sheer coincidence, after his mom voted for the 2009 stimulus package, a company Tilden Hagan co-owned with his future brother-in-law was awarded a taxpayer-funded contract to install solar panels. The company overseeing the project, JDC Manufacturing, was, by sheer coincidence, owned by Tilden’s dad. The deal appears to have violated JDC’s own conflict-of-interest policy. Oh well.

Populism for Plutocrats

Feature: Hagan and Hillary decry negative tone of campaign while smearing GOP

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Shortly before Kay Hagan took the stage at the Charlotte Convention Center on Saturday, the loudspeakers blared Bruce Springsteen’s aptly titled Democratic Party theme song “We Take Care of Our Own.”