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The Cuomo-Lemon Bro Sessions

The Washington Free Beacon presents highlights of liberal CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon during their nightly live toss, where their admiration for one another's views is boundless.

REVIEW: TV Pundit Home Studios

Most television pundits are working from home due to the China-caused coronavirus pandemic, which means they've been giving viewers a rare glimpse into their places of residence. The Washington Free Beacon's commitment to holding the mainstream media accountable compels us to render a verdict on these makeshift home studios in the form of the following awards.

Cuomo Praises Serial Groper Al Franken: ‘Your Voice Is Needed’

A CNN anchor said on Friday that disgraced former Democratic senator and accused serial groper Al Franken's "voice is needed" in the 2020 primary. Chris Cuomo and Franken spoke for nearly fifteen minutes about the Democratic primary on Friday night. The segment featured effusive praise from Cuomo, who only briefly touched on the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct that led to Franken's resignation in 2018.