Joe Biden Secures Coveted Michael Avenatti Endorsement

April 25, 2019

Joe Biden is running for president again. The former vice president, 76, is the most recent addition to a crowded Democratic primary field that is already dominated by white males. This will be Biden's third campaign for president.

Shortly after announcing his bid in an online video, Biden picked up several endorsements from U.S. senators.


But by far the most coveted endorsement Biden received on Thursday came courtesy of former Democratic frontrunner and "savior of the republic" Michael Avenatti. The 2018 Free Beacon Man of the Year announced via Twitter his "enthusiastic support" for Biden, who "offers Dems the very best chance in 2020."

Avenatti's once stellar reputation among Democrats and members of the media—fueled by the celebrity attorney's baseless accusation against President Trump and prominent conservatives such as Brett Kavanaugh—has taken a hit recently due to his indictment on multiple criminal charges, including fraud and extortion. But the election cycle is still young, and Avenatti is a fighter, so it would be premature to dismiss him as a politically irrelevant force.

Avenatti's endorsement of Biden makes sense, given his previous assertion that the 2020 Democratic nominee "better be a white male," because "when you have a white male making the arguments, they carry more weight."

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