Hillary Clinton Has Iowa Precinct Captain Who’s Too Young to Vote

• January 28, 2016 10:19 am


CBS This Morning reported Thursday on a high school junior serving as an Iowa "precinct captain" for Hillary Clinton, but she will not be old enough to actually caucus for Clinton on Monday.

"Are you even old enough to vote?" correspondent Nancy Cordes asked Zoe Wagner, a Beaverdale resident.

"I'm not, no," she said. "I'm actually going to be 20 days too young to vote."

"But you can still be a precinct captain?" Cordes asked.

"Yeah, yeah, that's the coolest thing," Wagner said. "Even though I can't be there to stand in her corner on caucus night, I can help in other ways."

Clinton could use youth support regardless, given how she is struggling in that area against Democratic primary challenger Bernie Sanders. A new Quinnipiac Iowa poll shows Sanders enjoys a 78-to-21 percent lead among voters aged 18 to 44, while Clinton leads with older voters.

At Monday night's CNN town hall in Iowa, a young Bernie Sanders supporter suggested to Clinton that many people his age find her "dishonest" and that her campaign lacks the passionate support that Sanders has. Clinton replied she felt there was such enthusiasm among youths for her  campaign, and she urged the Sanders fan to reconsider his position.

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