Kamala Harris Accosts Children in Iowa: ‘Why Aren’t You In School?’

Meanwhile, celebrity truant Greta Thunberg continues to elude justice

Kamala "5-0" Harris is up to her old tricks. The former attorney general of California, who ruled with an iron fist over the parents of truant schoolchildren, has reportedly been roaming the streets of Iowa and accosting children whom she suspects of playing hooky.

Iowa Dem Senate Candidate Has Published No Policy Positions

Establishment-backed Theresa Greenfield does not have a plan for that

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has surged in the polls by telling Iowa voters she has a plan for everything. Meanwhile, the Democrat running to unseat Sen. Joni Ernst in the state has yet to outline a single policy position.

Biden Clashes With Moderator At LGBTQ Forum

Former VP to moderator: 'You're a real sweetheart'

Former vice president and Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden clashed with a moderator at the LGBTQ presidential forum in Iowa Friday night.

POLL: ‘Boat Shoes’ Buttigieg Overtakes ‘Velcro’ Bernie in Iowa

Self-declared 'top-tier candidate' Kamala Harris is circling the drain

A new survey of Iowa voters published Wednesday shows considerable movement among the Democratic primary candidates. Former vice president Joe Biden continues to lead the field at 25 percent, according to the poll conducted by Focus on Rural America.