David Brock Surprises CNN Table With Zinger Against Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton supporter David Brock surprised the CNN panel he was on Monday with an idea for how Donald Trump could zing her at Monday’s debate: say she was easy to buy as a politician.

CNN host Erin Burnett asked her panel what the best zingers or one-liners would be for either candidate during live coverage at Hofstra University, the site of the first presidential debate.

Brock suggested Clinton call a vote for Trump a vote for the Islamic State or Russian President Vladimir Putin, but he stunned the table when he came back with one targeting his own candidate.

"For Trump, I’m going to give an objective answer," Brock said. "I think he should say, ‘Hillary, you’re bought and paid for. You even came to my wedding, because I gave you money.’"

The table laughed, with Burnett remarking it was aggressive. Former Bush administration official Matt Schlapp joked that the segment was "on tape."

Not all of the proposed zingers were that effective. Left-leaning journalist Ana Marie Cox trotted out, "I know you don’t believe in global warming, but where did you get that tan," as well as, "Do you want to vote for the first woman president or potentially the last president?" Neither seemed to land.