Maine Dem Gideon Bails on Senate Debate

Candidate Sara Gideon reneges on pledge to six debates

Maine Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon, who criticized President Donald Trump for not attending a second presidential debate, canceled her debate with her Republican rival Sen. Susan Collins at the last minute Tuesday.

The Biden-Harris Fracking Plan, Explained

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris twice claimed Wednesday that Joe Biden would not ban fracking if he took office, but both Harris and Biden repeatedly said they would support a ban or phase it out during the Democratic primary.

NO KIDDING: America’s Children Weigh in on the Trump-Biden Debate

One of the perks of being a professional journalist is all the text messages we get from friends explaining how their children reacted to various political events. CNN's Jake Tapper, for example, shared one of these exchanges on air following the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.