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Left-Wing Journalists Celebrate David Koch’s Death on Twitter

'He's dead? Oh well'

Several left-wing journalists took to Twitter to celebrate news of billionaire philanthropist and conservative donor David Koch's death earlier this morning. Koch, along with his older brother Charles, contributed millions of dollars to libertarian and conservative causes like looser regulations and lower taxes. But they were also accused of contributing to climate denial and only supporting political causes that enriched them.

Podesta’s CAP Fuels Dark Money Group Hitting Trump with Lawsuits

Democracy Forward received $1M from Center for American Progress, marks same address on legal docs

A "nonpartisan" dark money group that regularly files litigation against President Donald Trump's administration is powered by money from the Center for American Progress (CAP), the liberal think tank founded by former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.

Soros Gave $1.35M to ‘Nonpartisan’ Watchdog Inundating Trump with Lawsuits

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington shares employees with Media Matters, state filings show

Liberal billionaire George Soros provided $1.35 million to a "nonpartisan" government watchdog organization last year that is hitting the Trump administration with a steady flow of complaints and lawsuits in an attempt to "damage" his presidency, according to tax filings provided to the Washington Free Beacon.