Clinton Supporter Granholm Goes Full Birther on Ted Cruz

February 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton supporter and former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm went full birther on Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) Monday on CNN, calling into question whether he was a true American citizen and echoing Donald Trump's call for Cruz to get a declaratory judgment on the matter.

"I think he is," Granholm said.

Cruz, who was born in Canada but whose mother was a U.S. citizen, has dismissed the controversy as nonsense.

CNN host Jake Tapper mentioned Granholm was born in Canada herself and asked for her thoughts on Cruz's status. Cruz is one of the top GOP contenders for the presidency after winning the Iowa caucus last week.

"My parents were legit Canadians, both of them," Granholm said.

"Is Ted Cruz an American citizen, do you think?" Tapper asked. "A natural-born American?"

"Well, I think he is," Granholm said. "I think if it were taken to a court, it would say yes, but there is that question. So, in this sense, this is the only time I"ll ever say I agree with Donald Trump, I think he should get a declaratory judgment. I think he should ask."

Trump has constantly called Cruz's eligibility to become president into question on the campaign trail, at one point quipping that he was an "anchor baby in Canada."

"Ted Cruz may not be a U.S. citizen," Trump said last month in New Hampshire. "Ted Cruz is an anchor baby in Canada, but Canada doesn't accept anchor babies. They just waited a long time."