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Biden ‘Abused Classification System’ To Hide Iranian Assassination Plots, Cruz Says

Iran engaged in efforts to assassinate former secretary of state Mike Pompeo and other US officials

February 29, 2024

Biden Admin Outsources Congressionally Mandated China Threat Report to Undergrads

'This report is literally the opposite of adults being back in charge,' Ted Cruz says

January 24, 2024

'Profoundly Irresponsible': Cruz Demands Answers on Teachers' Union's Anti-Semitic 'Teach-In'

Unionized Oakland teachers taught public school students about 'intifada,' Israeli 'apartheid'

December 19, 2023

Senators Move To Cut US Taxpayer Funding for Anti-Semitic, Hamas-Tied UN Agency

Biden funding 'both sides of the Israel-Hamas war' by pumping cash into UNRWA, Sen. Hagerty says

December 14, 2023

Dems To Force Vote on Biden Nominee Who Hindered Return of American Hostage

Republicans placed hold on Elizabeth Richard nomination over concerns she didn't do enough to pressure Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon

December 4, 2023

Republicans Demand White House Withdraw Nomination of Hunter Biden Crony

Following Free Beacon report, senators oppose Hampton Dellinger's appointment to the Office of Special Counsel

November 28, 2023

Senate Moves To Redesignate Iran-Backed Houthis as Terror Group Amid Strikes on US

Houthis responsible for a spate of missile attacks on US and Israeli positions over past few weeks

November 28, 2023

While Hamas Planned Its Attack on Israel, Biden’s Intel Community Was Focused On Climate Change

Biden admin focus on climate change under renewed scrutiny after US failed to detect Hamas attack

November 14, 2023